Duplex gjærlås

Duplex gjærlås
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Cylindrical model of excellent quality. Easy to clean. Recommended for larger barrels.

    For barrels up to 60 l
    Dimensions (Ø x H): 4 cm x 12,5 cm
    Suitable for an opening of 9 mm

What does an airlock do?
Filling the airlock with a little water makes it act as a siphon; the water closes the beer or wine off from the outside air; hence preventing outside bacteria from entering. However it allows the carbon dioxide formed during fermentation to escape through the airlock because of the excess pressure.

Twin-bubble airlocks are the cheapest, but these are harder to clean than the cylindrical models. With volumes of 50 l or more, the use of cylindrical airlocks is essential for the increased flow of carbon dioxide to be processed. The water in the airlock evaporates; regularly checking and refilling is necessary. The airlock can also be filled with a disinfecting solution instead of ordinary water.